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Advantages of Buying a New Air Conditioner in the Off-Season

Air Conditioning Repair
If your air conditioning unit is over 15 years old or shows signs that it's near the end of its life, you may feel tempted to wait a little longer before you decide to upgrade to a new model. However, you could actually benefit from buying an air conditioner before next summer. Take a look at the following advantages of an off-season purchase.

You Can Avoid Peak Season Installation Delays

You take a big risk when you cross your fingers and hope your air conditioner will still work well when next spring rolls around. An aging air conditioner unit could suddenly quit before you're ready to purchase a new one. Worse, it may quit at the peak of the hot, humid spring.
Air conditioner contractors are busier than average during hot weather spells and all through peak high humidity season. Here in southern Mississippi, that's roughly May through September. Uncomfortable temperatures mean everyone runs their AC, making an increase in requests for installations and repairs very likely during the summer.
In fact, 75% of all homes in the U.S. are equipped with an air conditioner, which means that three-fourths of your community has a chance of needing air-conditioner repairs during the summer.
When this occurs, your new air conditioner installation could be delayed, possibly for weeks. Fortunately, you can avoid installation delays if you purchase your new AC during the off-season. Cooler temperatures and lower humidity mean less demand on local air conditioner contractors and a quicker installation.

You Have More Time to Read the Reviews

The pressure of making a large purchase can be overwhelming, especially when you're on a deadline. When you decide to wait a little longer despite obvious signs your AC is about to quit, you invite this pressure and stress. Because no one wants to endure prickly heat and humidity when an AC unit quits, the usual reaction is to buy a new unit as quickly as possible.
This pressure or haste forces you to make a purchase without doing a little research on prices, models, and efficiency ratings, nor do you have the time to read valuable product reviews or search for reputable air conditioner companies.
Instead, take the time now during the off-season, before your air conditioner breaks down, to do your research and choose the best unit and contractor. When you're not in a hurry, you can find the best deal out there for your budget and needs. Plus, the off-season often offers special sales or discounts not normally available during the summer.

You Invest Your Money in Use Rather Than in Repairs

When an air conditioner nears the end of its life, increasingly frequent and, unfortunately, expensive repairs are required to keep it running. If this happens to you, you just throw your money away on repairs as the unit continues to age and become obsolete. Older units are also less energy efficient and can be a drain on your utility bills.
Instead, invest your money in something better for your climate comfort by upgrading to a new air conditioner during the off-season. Not only will you stop wasting money, but your new energy-efficient air conditioner will help you save money on utility bills. According to the Department of Energy, that new air conditioner can help you save 20-40 percent on your energy costs.
It's time to stop waiting and worrying if your older air conditioner will make it until things heat up next spring. Talk to the experts at Carter's Air Conditioning Service about how you can enjoy the advantages when you buy a new air conditioner during the off-season.


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